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Foundation Pier

Fix Your More Significant Foundation Challenges with a Foundation Pier

More significant foundation challenges can be problematic for any property owner. One of the signs that you could have a more serious foundation challenge that needs to be fixed is if you have a bowed basement wall, which essentially will look like a way is starting to bend inwards towards the center of your room. If you are experiencing any of these challenges, calling Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing is a great idea.

When you do call Advanced Restoration & Waterproofing for your foundation needs, they will first provide a full inspection and consultation on your situation. This will include determining the cause of the bowed basement wall and then provide a solution. In some cases, the best way to care for a foundation challenge is by using a foundation pier.

A foundation pier is a unique way to fix a failing foundation. In these cases, the foundation contractor will drive sturdy steel posts to better stabilize the foundation. This can help to prevent a failing foundation from getting worse and can prevent more serious settling issues. Foundation piers are often a preferred way to correct issues with a foundation as they are not as invasive as other methods. The piers can also be added in spots that are ideal for your situation, which can make it a flexible repair method.

Foundation Pier
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