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February 08, 2020

Advanced Restoration responded quickly regarding my inquiry. Martin visited my home and gave me an in-depth explanation of the issue and the solutions to solve the problem. Pricing was lower than previous contractors I had spoken with. Marty is very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Advanced Restoration and Waterproofing.

Jeanie Miller, Website Review

January 23, 2020

It went very well, they done a really nice job at a reasonable price. I would hire them again. - Tom

January 10, 2020

Marty was great!! They took on a project that other companies wouldn't touch! I had major drainage issues in the front of my land and they knew exactly what to do and gave me several options. Great company! No corporate tactics....just a local company that really cares and knows that they are doing! Marty moved his whole schedule around to get out to meet me too! That says a lot! I definitely recommend!! - Liz

January 08, 2020

This is the closest category I could find for what I had done and know that they do this type of work. I hired this company to install a french drain in the back of my yard. There is a hill behind me and the grade from the house made the water collect in a swamp with nowhere to go. They did a great job of trenching out the entire width of that area, added perforated pipe with a filter cloth and gravel, then replacing the topsoil. They put a well with a sump pump at the end and tubing to pump the water out to the front of the house so it would go into the drainage system. Mike Jr., Brandon Powers, Eric Lawhon and Mike Houtchins were the team of workers and did a great job cleaning up afterwards also. It was a pretty large project but it only took them two days to complete. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend them.

January 02, 2020

As a realtor who works with many contractors, I was SO impressed by how efficient this group is! I called Marty and he was out looking at a home with me the next day giving me advice and writing up a thorough report. He was not only extremely knowledgeable but also an easy guy to connect with personally. Give them a call and you will not be disappointed!

Alyssa Thurman, Corbett and Company, Website Review

December 12, 2019

I got three bids for my project, the highest bid being $8000. Mike and Marty made a suggestion that I could do myself for less than $200. They made two different trips to my property to survey the situation and came up with a solution that solved my problem without using their services. It is so nice to run into an honest company every now and then. I would give them an A+++++++ if I could!!!!!

October 05, 2019

Arrived on time, courteous and professional. Very personable and cleaned up after the pump was installed. My husband called and had some specific questions about the warranty, pump and was very satisfied with the answers. It has been over a year now and the pump is working well especially after all those summer rains. My experience is that local family-owned companies like Advanced take pride and do things right and I would use them again.

May 09, 2019

I highly recommend this company for foundation repair and drainage systems. Mike Bird was professional and very timely in submitting bid and all paperwork. The young men who did the work, Zach and Aaron, were hardworking and polite and kept me informed of their progress. Their work was excellent. It is also telling to me that this company no only provides a warranty but it is a transferable warranty. I find that rare these days.

December 20, 2018

Advanced Restoration and Waterproofing replaced a section of our perimeter drain that had roots and dirt clogging it up. The job was a little challenging because of an excessive pea gravel field and the location of the area that needed to excavated. Matt and his assistant did a great job completing the work safely and meeting our satisfaction.

Jennifer V., Website Review

August 02, 2018

Excellent team of pros! Aaron and the team worked hard everyday until the job was finished. We had rain the next couple of days and I didn’t see a drop of water in my basement. They assessed my need, jumped right in, and got it done!! I highly recommend This company.

Debbie W., Website Review

July 17, 2018

My basement waterproofing was completed today. I contacted the company via email. The owner promptly replied and sent Mike Jr out to evaluate the situation. He was very nice and patiently explained what the solution was. Within a few days the owner sent me an estimate. Aaron was the team lead on my project and he was excellent. He also patiently explained everything. He kept me updated on the progress. I was provided with Aaron’s cell number before the project started. Aaron was very nice and the team worked very hard. It has not rained yet but when it does I feel confidant everything will be ok and if there is an issue I feel confidant they will resolve this issue. Thank you Mike, Mike Jr and Aaron!

Sandy F., Website Review

December 11, 2017

The team who worked on installing my new interior drainage system, Allen, Ginger, Cobie and Dustin were the hardest working team I have ever encountered. They were courteous, energetic and efficient. Of the 4 other companies who offered bids, they were the only one to include references with their bid! During their work, they found issues that other companies had missed or misrepresented. Mike Bird even called on a Sunday night to offer the services of his company - apparently right after I had gone on the Home Advisor list. I would be pleased to add my name to their list of references. I got a quality job done for a reasonable price.

Carl H., Brownsburg, IN, HomeAdvisor

July 22, 2017

Mike Bird is a professional, a rare find in customer service these days. His company installed basement interior wall drain before another company I called even got back with an estimate. Other problems were found, he quoted fees and proceeded to get all done in a timely manner. You wont find a better person to deal with

Diana R, Columbus, IN, HomeAdvisor

July 18, 2017

Did a great job on my basement last week. Definitely 5 stars

Johnny Thornton, Facebook

September 07, 2016

We had mold growing in our small tight fit of a crawlspace and Matt Williams and crew came out and did a great job for us! The crew did waterproofing and sump pump work for us. They adapted to any changes that came up and exceeded my expectations! Thank you Mike for being wonderful and helping us along the way!

Brieana Beaver, Facebook

June 17, 2016

I purposely waited about a year to provide this review so that I could test the job in all seasons. We are very pleased with the job Matt and Cory did. We previously had quite a bit of seepage around the perimeter of the basement--never standing water but enough to make it impossible to take full advantage of the space. Nearly a full year later, we've now experienced everything weather-wise and we have been completely dry. The damp, musty smell is completely gone. The owner, Mike, personally inspected their work and kept in constant touch via text. We were scheduled in a timely fashion, although had a delay due to weather (not their fault). It was a big job, and the weather was extremely hot and dry, so the work took awhile, about 9 days if I recall correctly. Everyone was very professional, and we are happy with the outcome.

Description of work:

Interior waterproofed basement, encapsulated crawlspace, installed sump pump with battery back up and cellular monitoring, re-routed downspouts, installed French drain.

Angie's List

April 25, 2016

I own a house built in 1870. I had foundation problems concerning water channeling in from outside. Over the years it had become a chronic situation. I found ARW on Angie’s List. The company had very good reviews.I want to add this review for the excellent job they did for me. ARW fixed my basement within the time schedule they gave me. The cost was extremely reasonable. The work ethic was fantastic. In the time between the completion of the project and this review we have had two heavy storms come through and the basement remained completely dry.I highly recommend this company and will gladly use them in the future if the need arises.

I arranged an inspection. Martin Mainzer met me at the house at the time I arranged.After inspecting the situation with me, he took measurements and photos and sent them to the owner, Mike Bird. Mike insisted on arranging a time the next day to come and see the basement himself. He felt my situation was not the norm. We discussed the options.Regular pier support would not work well because the foundation is made of limestone boulders and rocks. The upward pressure of the piers could cause problems with the limestone. Traditional underpinning was called for. Mike explained the process and I found out not many companies do not like to or won’t take on this kind of job. Mike gave me an estimate and a time schedule. 

The crew that came out to do the job was run by Jay Sawers. Mike came by with Jay on the first day and introduced the crew. We all went over the project and what to expect. Jay and Brandon began the task. I was impressed with several things about the crew. They kept me notified of ant change or delay in the process. An attribute that is hard to find with contractors these days. 

The project:

The foundation would be supported using traditional pier support. That consisted of regularly spaced holes dug down without machinery at a 45 degree angle. Rebar was inserted into the concrete that filled the holes and then a retaining wall was built with the rods embedded in the walls. One continuous wall went down the front west side and the front wall in the trouble corner. In addition they dug down outside the wall and put in a French drain. A French drain was also put down the opposite side of the house were running water was starting to cause similar problems. The downspouts on both sides of the house were run under ground past the foundation and into drain boxes set on the edge of the lawn about 20ft from the house.

The amount of concrete needed for the project exceeded the original estimate but I was not charged extra. The original plan called for the dirt being excavated from the basement to be used to grade the flower beds on the side of the house. My wife asked them not to because the lack of soil nutrients would damage her gardens. The put the dirt in an area my wife wanted it and agreed to use topsoil in the gardens. This is an item not covered in the original estimate and I was fine with paying the extra cost. I was not charged.

They used a small cement mixer outside the basement and used buckets to bring down the concrete. Consequently, there was cement on the ground around that area. They cleared all of the concrete and put top soil down there as well.

Thanks to everybody at ARW Martin, Mike, and Jay. and Brandon.

Angie's List

March 29, 2015

ARW tackled a very problematic basement from 1890's. The job was far more extensive than they originally predicted, yet they performed exactly what they said they would do without any additional cost. I would recommend ARW to anyone who wants a dry basement and a lifetime guarantee.

Andy Davis, Facebook

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