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Rhino Carbon Fiber Wall Supports - The Strongest Wall Strap the Industry Offers

  • Distributes outside forces evenly

  • Thousands installed - No failures

  • LifeTime of structure  and transferrable warranty

  • Most all installs can be complete in one or two days

  • Most cost efficient in the industry

  • Can be painted to match walls

  • Can be installed in conjunction with waterproofing

Advanced Power Brace

This Power Brace is an option to consider when Rhino Carbon Fibers are not recommended and a complete wall replacement is too expensive. 

  • Installed from inside

  • Quick installation

  • No holes are drilled in the wall that can compromise it further and allow water in

  • Braces attach to the basement floor

  • The top is attached to floor joist

  • Designed to push the wall back into it's vertical position

Foundation Wall Replacement

Sometimes it becomes necessary to completely remove a foundation wall and replace it. Our inspectors will be able to make this determination during the evaluation. If it's determined that this is the only option you have for the wall it can only mean one thing; collapse is imminent and it's very important to move quickly to make the repairs.

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