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Putting Water in Its Place

Standing Water around home

At the core of almost every foundation failure or basement waterproofing issue is poorly

drained soil conditions. Drainage problems create pressure that exerts itself against

the foundation both horizontally and from below, causing overwhelming damage if not

managed properly. If you are currently are experiencing drainage problems and are

fortunate enough to have not had foundation issues thus far, it’s important to address the

concern before structural damage occurs. A few of the drainage options our experts can offer you are:

  • Downspout extensions are used to carry water away from the side of the foundation and should extend 10 feet or more from the house.

  • French drains are capable of collecting the water in low areas of your yard and moving it away efficiently.

  • Retaining walls with drainage can be installed to attractively divert water from negative grade areas that lead toward the foundation.

  • Surface drains can be installed to collect the water and divert to another location if preferred.

  • Drywells are sometimes the best option to collect water and disperse it slowly underground when certain types of grade issues exist.

  • Power drains/lift stations are used to move water from location to a discharge area when it’s not possible to achieve positive sloping in a discharge drain.

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