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Encapsulate your Crawlspace / Avoid the Cat Pee Odor!

This is a big problem in our industry and it's only getting worse with each passing day. Someone hires a contractor to install a waterproofing system and encapsulate their crawlspace. The contractor promises to deliver a dry and clean space for the occupants of the home. They do the install and move on to the next. What they leave behind is a potential disaster. In most cases, these contractors will take no responsibility for what could be coming soon - CAT PEE SMELL! It gets in your air ducts. Permeates through your home. Settles into the carpet and furniture. Almost impossible to get rid of and even if you do; it will return. The contractor installed a reinforced cord liner in your crawlspace - BIG MISTAKE!

Almost every foundation contractor in the industry uses a reinforced liner for the encapsulation. These liners have woven nylon threading. When the installation is being completed the installer is forced to cut through this threading, leaving it exposed to the moisture below. They act as a wick over time. The water mixes with the components of the weaving and combines to create the foul odor of - CAT PEE.

This can be avoided by simply installing a liner that is not reinforced with the threading cord.

Our team uses a product that is made in the USA, sold and distributed through CrawlSpace Ninja. No Cat Pee Smell Guarantee

Don't take a chance on these woven reinforced encap liners. It's simply just not worth it. If your considering having this work done to your home give our team a call at 855.956.5656. You will be glad you did.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

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