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Buyer Beware! Not Every Waterproofing System is Equal.

It's important to research what type of system your contractor is proposing be installed in your basement. There are many types, Baseboard systems, Deep Track Systems, Footer installations and Exterior Systems, just to name a few. A well qualified contractor should have a version of each of these styles because no two foundations are the same. A well-qualified contractor that is concerned about the long term health of the occupants of the home or building will always install a "CLOSED SYSTEM" as part of the project. If they are proposing the installation of an open system, I strongly recommend proceeding with extreme caution. An open system has about 1/2" opening around the perimeter of the basement. This allows for radon gas to freely enter your living quarters along with odors from the ground below the floor. It also allows for moisture to to seep in from the opening, adding to higher than normal humidity levels and adding to the chance of mold growth. This opening is also a feeding trough for spiders, termites, slugs, roaches, water bugs, ants and all sorts of other bugs! I strongly encourage avoiding open systems at all cost.

If you're in need of a waterproofing inspection please give our team a call at 855.956.5656!

Mike Bird - Owner

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